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The House of Revenue™ Story

From humble beginnings to our current state, our growth over the years has been steady and impressive, mainly due to our highly talented employees and collaborative culture. We're extremely proud of our family.

Mary Grothe

Founder / CEO

Mary Grothe is a former #1 MidMarket B2B Sales Rep who after selling millions in revenue and breaking multiple records, formed House of Revenue™, a Denver-based firm of fractional Revenue Leaders who serve companies nationwide by profitably rebuilding their marketing, sales, and customer success departments by getting to the root of their revenue problems, rebuilding infrastructure, developing talent, implementing RevOps, and holistically scaling their revenue.

Charlie Warden

SVP of Marketing

Charlie Warden is a creative brand, go-to-market, and digital marketing expert focused on helping startups and high-growth companies build foundations for scale. As a multi-time founder, and advisor for various startups, Charlie understands the unique challenges of building from the ground up. Charlie has excelled at building and executing brand and marketing strategies in a variety of industries including CPG, Software as a service, HCM, Cannabis, and blockchain. Charlie is currently the SVP of Marketing for House of Revenue™, a holistic revenue agency that works with high-growth, mid-sized companies to overhaul their sales and marketing departments in order to implement highly efficient, inbound-focused marketing and sales models. He believes that business and entrepreneurship can and should be the driving force for improvement in our world.

Katrina Hughes

VP of Revenue

Katrina Hughes is a career sales and revenue leader with experience across multiple industries, leading teams at companies ranging from Startup phase to Fortune 100, and those in between.  She has deep experience in developing both strategy and people to create and execute against revenue targets. Her passion lies in helping others accomplish their goals and developing leaders and teams to a higher level while empowering them to grow personally and professionally. In her free time, she serves on the Board of Directors for the Center for Relationship Education, and enjoys all that the Rocky Mountains offer from camping, rafting and snowboarding when she can. 

Quina Feldstein

VP of Revenue

Quina Feldstein has a true passion for driving sales performance through competition, collaboration, and leading and developing top sales performers. Quina coaches sales leaders, CEOs, and sales teams through sales psychology philosophies and techniques. As a VP of Revenue at House of Revenue™, Quina is passionate about developing a powerful revenue engine while creating infrastructure around the sales, marketing, and client success process! She leads her clients to success with a strong emphasis in EQ rooted in systems of accountability and strategic organization. 

Greg Queen

VP of Revenue

Greg Queen is a sales and marketing leader who is excited to help companies grow and adjust their current strategies, through implementing best practices focused on the buyer journey. He is a well-accomplished business consultant and coach with an entrepreneurial drive and extensive experience in leading sales and marketing, driving companies to growth, utilizing superior business acumen, vision, and management expertise in building genuine relationships with clients. Greg displays outstanding expertise in helping companies reengineer their business development strategies leading to an increase in productivity and profitability levels by making improvements in different areas. He is experienced in discussing requirements with customers, monitoring competitors, analyzing business practices, assessing new business models, and providing recommendations.

Brad Hendrickson

VP of Sales & Marketing

Brad Hendrickson is a consumer packaged goods, retail marketing, sales, and go-to-market expert. His extensive sales and marketing expertise helps House of Revenue™ clients bridge the communication gaps between sales and marketing, maximizing efficiencies, and revenue opportunities at all stages of the sales journey.

Former creative agency and sales firm executive, Brad has worked with dozens of celebrity and national brands on product sell-in, licensing & brand management, and omnichannel marketing programs across most major retailers and CPG categories.

Heather Smyth

VP of Marketing

Heather Smyth is a creative brand and communications professional specializing in strategic growth for startup companies. She is skilled in execution and optimization of omni-channel marketing efforts that drive awareness and ROI. As VP of Marketing at House of Revenue™, Heather brings a unique combination of creative ideation and data-driven decision making to clients in a variety of industries to increase demand generation and revenue. In previous Marketing roles in the cannabis technology space, Heather successfully managed media relations, inbound strategy, sales enablement, affiliate relations, and immersive events. 

Trey Evans

VP of Marketing

Trey is a Colorado native, a husband, and the proud father of a mischievous golden retriever.  

With a track record of driving growth in B2B and B2C markets, Trey crafts omni-channel sales and marketing programs for clients ranging from startup to Fortune 500. He’s laser-focused on creating campaigns that not only build his client’s digital presence but drive a measurable impact on the bottom line as well. 
Agile and forward-thinking by nature, getting results is what drives him every day.

Christine Dart

VP of Marketing

A creative at heart, Christine is a hybrid marketing professional with a love for both strategy and design. She believes in creating marketing plans that are practical, repeatable,  UX-friendly, and data-driven. While those elements are each important, Christine believes the golden ticket in marketing is a strong sense of empathy... what pain points do our clients’ customers have, what does their buyer journey look like, does their experience with the brand feel good to them? Christine uses a blend of empathy and expertise to make your marketing infrastructure seamless.

Sarah Wells

RevOps Analyst

Sarah is the RevOps Analyst at House of Revenue™. She has 12 years’ experience working with data, analytics, and technology stacks. Sarah has an amazing ability to find the missing puzzle pieces, align your technology, and finds ways to improve your processes through automation. Sarah is an excellent problem-solver and has the ability to adjust and flex with changing environments.

Rylie Manross

Marketing Manager

Rylie Manross is the Marketing Manager at House of Revenue™. Starting as employee #2, she has not only worked with 12 clients across a variety of industries but has single-handedly led the marketing effort and helped scale the firm to over $2M in 3 years. Rylie specializes in growing inbound leads through a diverse, yet content-heavy inbound marketing methodology. Due to the growth of House of Revenue™, Rylie has become a dedicated internal employee in charge of managing the entire internal marketing process including 3 blogs and 10 social channels. Additionally, she is the Executive Producer of the Quota Crusher™ Podcast and the Light in the Marketplace Podcast. She has a strong passion for creating engaging content and nurturing relationships throughout the entire buyer’s journey.

Haeley Belt

Marketing Execution Specialist

Haeley Belt is the Marketing Execution Specialist at House of Revenue™. She specializes in creative brand storytelling to strategically execute business’ marketing vision while connecting brands with their target audience and driving meaningful impact. 

Owning the marketing execution that gets businesses real and meaningful results. Strategic execution delivered through content planning to align both marketing trends and business goals, bringing your vision to life. As Marketing Execution Specialist at House of Revenue™, Haeley has a true passion for innovating fresh eye-catching content, to reach and exceed brand goals.

Colin Barnard

SEO Content Specialist

Colin Barnard is a storyteller, digital marketer, and lover of all things content and SEO. With an educational and professional background in sports journalism, he uses thoughtful, intentional storytelling to connect businesses with their audiences, develop lasting relationships, and drive revenue growth. As the SEO Content Specialist at House of Revenue™, Colin is always eager to learn new ways to foster success in the never-stagnant world of SEO.

Maiko Borong

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Maiko works as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator at House of Revenue™. She builds beneficial relationships between the organization, public communities, influential individuals or groups, and their clients. As a Sales and Marketing Coordinator, she utilizes multiple media sources and effectively communicates key messages to achieve company goals. It ranges anywhere from podcast interviews, looking for guest posting sites with excellent domain authority ratings, to speaking opportunities, and more. 

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