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We build
high performing sales teams.

Scale Your Revenue Through Optimized Sales Performance.

you heard?

Sales Unicorns don’t exist. Quit trying to hire them.


Maximize Efficiency

Our team maximizes efficiency within your organization by standardizing the lead handoff from marketing to sales and building outbound sales engines. Each marketing qualified lead (MQL) will be tracked, and the sales team will be notified and held accountable for scheduling the meeting and closing the deal. There will no longer be missed opportunities due to lost communication between your internal teams.

Additionally, your reps will be trained with proven outbound practices that fill the pipeline with qualified opportunities to supplement inbound leads as needed.


Custom Sales Approach

We’ll build your revenue ecosystem of qualified inbound leads and supplement it with a custom sales playbook that guides your entire sales team: Sales & Business Development Reps (SDRs/BDRs), Inside Sales Reps, Outside Sales Reps, Account Executives, Solutions Engineers, etc on full-funnel activities.

We utilize a step-by-step custom sales approach, built for you, that creates motivation and urgency within your prospective customers and makes them ask, “When can we start?”


Creating a Culture of High-Performance Salespeople.

Your Fractional CRO oversees your sales team or works in tandem with your current sales leaders to create a culture of accountability, coaching, mentoring, training, and results. We roll up our sleeves. We get in the field with your sales team. We coach side by side and help with sales techniques, sales behaviors, and ultimately, sales results.

Fun fact: As of 2019, CSO Insights states that only 54% of salespeople achieve their quota. In 2020, 78% of our clients’ salespeople achieved quota, resulting in millions of dollars of revenue sold, 24% above the national average.

of managing everything?

Driving sales processes and performance is a key component of our holistic revenue program.

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ICP Development

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Inbound & Outbound Sales


Marketing Alignment


Strategic Segmentation

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KPI Design & Tracking

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Process Development

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Playbooks & Sequences

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Sales Enablement

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Team Development

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