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We're not
your typical fractional support.

A Fractional CRO Is Not Enough

True revenue scale needs a true revenue team.

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Holistic Revenue Strategy

Companies don’t scale revenue overnight, especially not with siloed departments acting independently of each other. House of Revenue views revenue scale from a holistic perspective encompassing equal parts marketing, sales, customer success, and RevOps.

Modern sales teams must collaborate with marketing departments and utilize technology and automation to its full effect. The result? High-quality prospects, streamlined sales processes, more closed deals, and extremely satisfied customers.

Your Fractional Revenue Team

When you’re ready to scale your company, hiring a CRO may seem like a logical investment and first step. However, there are many problems with this line of thinking. The CRO role is still in its infancy, many candidates typically have a strong bias towards sales, and there is a small talent pool to recruit from. Plus, once you hire a CRO, you must build out a high-performing team beneath them.

Why hire a single-person CRO — who typically makes between $250k and $500k per year —  along with their necessary supporting cast when you can add a full revenue team at a fraction of the cost? House of Revenue equips you with a team of 5-7 revenue experts with a 100% success rate of scaling companies, all for less than a CRO’s annual salary.

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about a fractional CXO?

Let's Compare Your Options

Revenue Component Traditional Fractional Support Agencies House of Revenue™
Brand Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Brand Development
Marketing Development
Marketing Execution
Sales Enablement
Sales Strategy
Sales Development
Sales Execution
Customer Success Strategy
Customer Success Development
Customer Success Execution
RevOps Strategy
RevOps Development
RevOps Execution
and growth are not the same thing.

Long-Term Scale vs. Short-Term Growth

Companies that want to simply grow expect results overnight without considering the costs it takes to get those results. Companies ready to scale understand the need to align people, systems, and processes before strategizing revenue-generating solutions and executing on that strategy.

At House of Revenue, we work with the latter — second-stage companies who have reached a revenue plateau and understand that they need to rework their revenue engine to climb the next mountain.

+ 100% success rate
+ 1,454% average ROI
+ 2x MRR within 10 months, on average
+ $3.2M YoY revenue increase, on average

Interested in learning more?

Download an example 12-month revenue program template.

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