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A Fractional Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Is Not Enough

True Revenue Scale Requires a Revenue Growth Team

Holistic Revenue Strategy

Companies don’t scale revenue overnight, especially not with siloed departments acting independently of each other. We view Revenue Engines from a holistic perspective encompassing equal emphasis on Branding, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and RevOps.

Modern Sales and Customer Success teams must collaborate with Marketing Departments and leverage technology and automation to their full effect. 

The result? High-quality prospects, streamlined sales processes, more closed deals, and delighted customers.

The Bowtie Funnel - Copyright House of Revenue™

Why hire a single-person CRO — who typically makes between $250k and $400k per year along with their necessary supporting cast — when you can get both a CRO and CMO for that same cost who can also build your Go-To-Market, brand, website, and entire Revenue Engine to set you up for scale?

Your Fractional Revenue Team

Hiring a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) may seem like a logical investment and the first step when you're ready past startup scale and ready for your next phase of growth. 

However, this brings challenges. The CRO role is still in its infancy, many candidates typically have a strong bias toward sales, and there is a small talent pool to recruit those willing to work for what you can pay them.

Plus, once you hire a Chief Revenue Officer, you must also consider who is going to lead your brand strategy and build your marketing engine.

Why hire a single-person CRO — who typically makes between $250k and $400k per year along with their necessary supporting cast — when you can add both a CRO and CMO for that same cost who build your Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy, brand, website, and entire Revenue Engine and sets you for scale? 

We equip you with a Fractional Revenue Growth Team with a consistent success rate of scaling second-stage companies for roughly $30k per month (investment varies based on the size of your company).

In 2022, we have the capacity to serve 12 2nd-stage growth companies that are past startup scale, with a starting revenue above $3M, and ready to invest in building a holistic Revenue Engine that will set them for scale to $10M - $20M and beyond.

We do not work with startups or companies under $3M in annual revenue.

Scale & Growth
are not the same.

Long-Term Scale vs. Short-Term Growth

Companies that want to grow expect results overnight without considering the costs associated with getting those results.

Companies ready to scale understand the need to align people, systems, and processes before strategizing revenue-generating solutions and executing that strategy.

At House of Revenue, we work with the latter — second-stage companies who have reached a revenue plateau and understand that they need to rework their Revenue Engine to climb the next mountain. We do not work with startups.

+ $11.7M Average Starting Revenue
+ 63% Average Revenue Growth
+ $5.24M Average YoY Revenue Increase
about a Fractional CRO?

Here's How It Works

House of Revenue® begins with a short intro period, typically 2-3 weeks, for discovery, audit, and research, with the ability to enter a longer-term contract if both parties agree that your company has a viable path to scale revenue and that we want to work together. We allocate the first few weeks for auditing and ideating robust go-to-market strategies, followed by a revenue project plan focused on building those initiatives and driving them to fruition.
We follow an Audit, Research, Build, Test, Optimize, and Scale approach.
Audit & Research Phase
We send you a checklist of items needed before we begin work and then run an 8-hour discovery day together. From there, we conduct deep dives, audits, 1:1s, and extensive research over a 2-week period to prepare your gap analysis, Go-to-Market Toolkit, and a robust revenue project plan to guide our work together.
With an understanding that the revenue project plan will remain agile, adaptable, and dynamic, our teams will review the plan and agree to work together or not. If we choose not to work together, you may implement the plan yourself.
Build & Test Phase
As we launch our revenue project plan, we spend approximately 90 days building the foundation of your go-to-market strategy and revenue ecosystem. Then we begin testing to ensure success before optimizing. We also leverage our recruiters and place key revenue roles on your marketing, sales, and CS team to execute the plan alongside us.
Optimization & Scale Phase
Now we lead the overall revenue engine, providing high-level CRO and CMO strategy as well as applicable revenue amplification activities, typically lasting through months 4-9.
Empower Phase
The final 3 months are reserved for your long-term revenue leadership plans. Some clients choose to pursue hiring the CRO or CMO who helped them scale. If mutually desired, we request a competitive placement fee and a 3-month transition to ensure another team member picks up their other work.
Each revenue team (CRO + CMO) only works with two clients, and they are fully immersed in your company while we work to build your revenue engine and scale revenue. If there is no mutual alignment for the placement, our recruiters will source, onboard, and train your new revenue leaders if you don't have any internal candidates.
The monthly retainer fee for your House of Revenue team is determined based on your revenue size, typically around $30k per month.
The overall monthly fee is a combination of retainer and commission-based compensation, as our team wants to have skin in the game and win when you do.
for more details?

Here's More Information

As a condition of the longer-term contract and revenue project plan execution, we make recommendations for building a new website, recruiting revenue positions to fill out your org chart, and developing your database with enriched or new contacts, extracted from our ZoomInfo license (if you do not have a reliable data source), as needed.
These fees are billed in addition to the monthly retainer fee. They are presented before we agree to work together, and will be expected to be honored as we execute the plan.
You will pay for your tech stack directly with each technology vendor (i.e. HubSpot), as those fees are not included above.
All House of Revenue engines are built on HubSpot, unless specifically mutually agreed upon. In rare cases, we will agree to keep your tech stack in place, but 95% of the time, our clients are already on or move to HubSpot. This will be discussed in the first two weeks and the determination of the best tech stack will be presented and be part of the agreement to work together.
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Did you know? There's a massive difference between revenue growth and revenue scale. While many businesses chase after rapid revenue growth, they failed to create the infrastructure necessary for revenue scale - leading to an unavoidable revenue plateau.

Our Methodology eBook will walk you through the same process that we use to scale our clients. We teach you how to successfully strategize, build, and implement a holistic revenue overhaul, where all of your revenue departments work together to produce a Revenue Engine that delivers real results.

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