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Fractional CROs

Sales and Customer Success Veterans

Strategic sales planning, leadership, and execution

Fractional CRO Hero

A House of Revenue Fractional CRO is customer-centric, technology-enabled, data-driven, and backed by a team.

Today’s buyers are more digitally connected, well-informed, and empowered than ever before. They expect personalized and relevant experiences throughout their buyer’s journey. To consistently deliver on these customer expectations, revenue leaders must align teams, processes, and technology.

Our Fractional Chief Revenue Officers embrace a customer-centric approach and leverage data and analytics to gain deep insights into buyer behavior and preferences to create targeted and tailored strategies. By harnessing the power of our proven growth methodology, diverse expertise, and internal support teams, House of Revenue provides you with an elevated customer journey, revenue team alignment, and unmatched growth.

House of Revenue Fractional CROs' typical profile consists of providing strategy, leadership, and executing unprecedented growth for 5-15 revenue teams in industries like manufacturing, SaaS, media and entertainment, hospitality, tech, and professional services. 

Sales Strategy

We audit, research your sales strategy and processes and optimize for scale.

Sales Leadership

We hire, manage, and keep your sales team accountable.

Sales Operations

Then, we optimize your sales technology stack and management for efficiency.

Grow Your Pipeline and Delight your Customers

At House of Revenue, we understand the intricate balance between expanding your pipeline and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our Fractional CROs specialize in developing strategies that not only attract and nurture leads but also delight customers throughout their journey. We’ll build your revenue ecosystem of qualified inbound leads and supplement it with a custom sales playbook that guides your entire sales team.

We grow your pipeline and delight your customers by:

  • Working with Marketing to bring more qualified leads at the top of the funnel
  • Higher sales conversion
  • Faster deal velocity
  • Customer retention and growth
  • Loyal advocates and referrals

Delegate Revenue Management

Imagine if you could focus on your business, and take sales leadership off of your plate. Your Fractional CRO oversees your sales team or works in tandem with your current sales leaders to create a culture of accountability, coaching, mentoring, training, and results. We roll up our sleeves. We get in the field with your sales team. We coach side by side and help with sales techniques, sales behaviors, and ultimately, sales results.

We train, build your team, and hold them accountable by:

  • Setting the sales strategy and targets for your team
  • Providing training and guidance for the sales and CS teams
  • Establishing KPIs and goals, and reporting up to senior management
  • Implementing and overseeing the CRM system and unifying the sales, marketing, and CS teams with technology


200% Growth in 10 Months!

After House of Revenue stepped in, the Business Development Team for a SaaS company started researching and working immediately on list building and executed a multi-touch campaign, engaging with over 100 cold leads each day. This was just the beginning of pipeline growth and a massive uptick in outbound activity. 

$ 3.3 M

Achieved a net revenue gain from $1.67M to $5M in 10 months


Sales Reps hired and trained


Sales appointments set by one sales rep in the first month


Want a Peek into our Process? We Start with a Growth Workshop

Our CMO and CRO teams dive into your business, revenue organization, brand, buyer journey, sales funnel, customer journey and technology stack. In a half-day session, we identify your company's goals, your growth opportunities, and what could be holding you back in your revenue engine from getting there. We provide you with actionable insights and a Gap Analysis within one week!