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We All Need Revenue Operations (RevOps)


What Is RevOps?

We define RevOps as the technology stack and operational workflow that support your customer's life cycle. While RevOps is a newer term and concept that corporations are starting to adopt, we were one of the first firms to provide a fully outsourced RevOps offering, and we’re proud of the service we offer and the results we drive for our clients.


Building RevOps

To build your RevOps function, we start with an audit and gap analysis of your current tech stack. We analyze tech stack spend, tech stack usage by team members, tech stack alignment to your customer journey from marketing to sales to customer success, and the overall tech stack integration and ratio against optimal performance for each revenue department.


HubSpot Agency Partner

After implementing and servicing 10 different CRMs between 2017 - 2019, we determined HubSpot was the best CRM and process automation tool for all revenue departments. However, we’re also certified in Salesforce and HubSpot <-> Salesforce integrations.

We are a Diamond HubSpot Agency Partner and an established partner of more than a dozen revenue technologies, including Salesloft, Chorus, Brainshark, Zoom, PandaDoc, Chili Piper, Intercom, and more.

Improve with Data

Are you ready to change your customer experience forever? Aligning your tech stack with the operational workflow of your customer’s lifecycle is not just a quick fix; it’s an investment into the overall success of your company. Tech stack alignment increases each team member and revenue department’s visibility into past conversations and key information used to progress the relationship with the prospect through the funnel and their ongoing customer experience.

the Money Pits.

The most common RevOps gaps we identify are:


Lack of Mastery

Misuse of technology by revenue-generating team members.


Redundant Work

Lack of integration between technologies, resulting in duplication of work.

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Function Overlap

Overlap of functionality between technologies without clear SOPs of what is to be done in each system.


Underuse of Technology

There is no formal training or enforcement of tech stack usage.


Wasted Money

Overpayment and wasted budget on unused licenses, expired discounts, and unneeded technologies.

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Lack of Ownership

No one “owns” the tech stack internally, resulting in the need for expensive consultants used for customization and support.

Do you have the right tech stack in place to scale your business? 

Selecting the right tech stack is a fundamental first step to take when looking to improve your revenue operations (RevOps) and streamline sales. HubSpot reports that 61% of B2B businesses leveraging technology and automation in their sales process exceed revenue expectations. 

Download our RevOps Audit Checklist Template to help you see the gap between your current state and your desired future state step-by-step.

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