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Case Study
Digital Advertising

Building a Revenue Engine for an Over-The-Top (OTT) Digital Advertising Firm

Our Mission: Complete a Revenue Department Overhaul with a Focus on Sales & Marketing

Case Overview

After five years in business, a leading OTT/CTV provider was experiencing a revenue plateau. They had just invested in an expensive leadership team and cutting-edge technologies to provide top-notch service for their existing clients, which led to a strong retention rate. However, they were unsure how to acquire net new clients to scale their revenue.

In January 2020, they engaged the House of Revenue® team to help tackle their goal of acquiring new clients. Within two weeks, we audited their entire revenue ecosystem, including all facets of their Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and RevOps. Within this time, we identified more than 30 areas of opportunity to build the infrastructure required to set them up for scale.

The Challenge

  • No defined marketing strategy for brand awareness, SEO, or social media.
  • Lack of market positioning knowledge and client-acquisition strategy.
  • No metrics or goals by sales territories, verticals, or market segmentation.
  • Absence of coaching, accountability, and OKRs.
  • No marketing or sales automation, weak CRM buildout, and poor data visibility.

Our Strategy

First 3 Months:

  1. Built new sales territories, verticals, and quotas.
  2. Developed sales playbook with a custom-built selling system specific to their OTT/CTV industry targets of direct-to-business and advertising agencies.
  3. Implemented HubSpot, Salesloft, and connected integrations to Salesforce.
  4. Introduced sales training, coaching, and accountability.

Months 4-6:

  1. Helped them survive a significant loss in revenue due to COVID-19. 
  2. Conducted buyer persona interviews, identified keywords to rank for, conducted extensive SEO and SEM competitor analysis, and implemented a new SEO & SEM strategy.
  3. Built a contract writer team and produced 8-10 blogs per month, resulting in several page 1 Google rankings for top industry keywords, which generated dozens of qualified inbound leads.
  4. Created a new sales deck, refined website copy, and executed a new social media and blog amplification strategy. 
  5. Continued sales training, coaching, and holding the team accountable.

Months 7-12:

  1. Continued executing all marketing, sales, and RevOps strategies.
  2. Begin to diversify marketing execution with a refined paid media strategy.
  3. Recruited, onboarded, and trained their first BDR hire and further enhanced their Salesloft buildout.
  4. Recruited, onboarded, and trained new Digital Sales Directors.
  5. Begin oversight of customer success team and identified paths to client retention and revenue expansion.

The Results

When we assumed full oversight of all revenue functions, we drove never-before-seen, record-breaking revenue growth, including several months of over $2M in revenue with a 50% net profit margin.

The company's annual revenue increased from $14.2 million to $17.2 million during the first year of their engagement with our Fractional Revenue Growth Team (even after they lost $2 million due to COVID's impact that same year). In year two, their ARR grew to $24 million.

Now, 1.5 years after their engagement with us ended, they're performing at an annual run rate of $35 million!

The Proof In Numbers


Grew revenue from $14M to $17.2M in 12 months. Even after the provider lost $2M in revenue due to COVID-19. A net gain of $5.2M.

Opportunity Areas

Identified 30 areas of opportunity to build new infrastructure.


Achieved within our 12 month engagement.

Scope of Project
  • Inbound Marketing Audit
  • Inbound Marketing Engine Execution
  • Lead Scoring
  • RevOps
  • Sales Audit
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Training

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