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Let’s find
the right people to drive your revenue engine.

We'll Recruit Your Holistic Revenue Team for You

Endless engagements
aren't our thing.

Here's why we care about recruiting.


Right People, Right Seats.

At House of Revenue®, we care deeply about building foundations that not only scale in the short term but that last well into the future. During our engagement, we identify your people gaps and fill those positions with high-caliber talent.


Future Vision Matters

A major component of a revenue scale strategy is the organization (org) chart. An org chart is a blueprint for growing your organization in a methodical, strategic way that will help avoid any unnecessary bottlenecks due to staffing issues. During our engagement, we work alongside you and your leadership team to revise, evolve, or (re)build a new org chart that sets your company up for success as you start to scale. 


Empowerment is Key

Our Methodology can be learned, embraced, and owned by your team. We take great pride in building a solid foundation for your business to scale, and we don't want it to stop once our engagement is over. By administering the recruitment process, we ensure the right people are hired for your organization. Then, we train and empower them to take the keys to drive you well into the future.

We love
finding you great people.

Learn more about our recruitment process in this short video.

How We Recruit Your Holistic Revenue Team - House of Revenue™
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