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    Inc Best Workplace 2021 - House of Revenue®

    House of Revenue™ was recognized on Inc. Best Workplace 2021 list! We are so honored to be apart of this list. We truly care about our employees.

    At House of Revenue®, we often talk about the remarkable work we do for our clients and how we help scale revenue for many organizations across the U.S. However, we wouldn’t be able to do it without the incredible employees that work here. Since the company was founded in 2018, our CEO, Mary Grothe, has made it her mission to create a company where employees were given the opportunity to be exceptional people in the office and at home. 

    Mary wanted a company culture where you didn’t have to miss out on life to be a great employee. So when we started House of Revenue™, she built the culture of doing great work, while still being able to enjoy all the things that make you, you. Allowing flexibility for moms who want to take and pick their kids up from school, for the adventurers who love to take their lunch break at the climbing gym or on a hike, or for those travelers who would like to travel the world and work from anywhere. 

    We are so honored to be recognized on the Inc. Best Workplaces list for 2021. 

    What Is Inc. Best Workplaces? 

    The Inc. Best Workplaces list is created each year to highlight the top companies across the country that are going above and beyond to create the best policies to keep employees engaged and growing. The list is compiled of exceptional workplaces that have vibrant cultures, deep employee engagement, and stellar benefits. This year's list of honorees proves that you do not need an office to create an amazing place to work. 

    Inc. 500 teams up with Quantum Workplace to survey all of our employees in certain areas of our organization. They determine our status based on the employees’ responses and how they add up to other organizations all across the country. 

    2021 Inc. Magazine's Best Workplaces Score

    Our Benefits 

    As a small business, it was important to us that our employees were still able to receive great benefits. We offer a full benefits package, paid maternity and paternity leave, a flexible work environment, unlimited PTO, and a learning and development stipend that our employees can use to sharpen their skills. We believe that allowing our employees to take time off to unplug and recharge when needed is the recipe for excellent work. 

    We get the best work from our employees because they have the ability to integrate their life and hobbies, which leaves them more inspired when completing their work. We are so proud to have a benefits score of 56, exceeding some of the other finalists even though we are a small organization. You are never too small to take care of your employees. 

     2021 Inc. Magazine's Best Workplaces Benefits Score

    Our Culture 

    Our culture is driven by our core values: Serve First, Scale Second, and Succeed Always.

    Serve first means to serve ourselves first. Be right with ourselves so we can be right for others. Mary ensures each team member has the personal time and resources they need to be well with themselves. This includes unlimited time off, work from anywhere (many work from the slopes or the beach!), and weekly conversations to listen to them, hear about their challenges, celebrations, and well-being. She has promised every employee she will always greet them with an open heart and an open mind. Every conversation is welcome and safe. We also have a budget for personal development, and career progression is also clearly laid out and we believe in constant feedback loops.

    Then, we serve our team members. We always take care of each other. Without question, we're committed to helping anyone on our team if they ask for help. Mary still steps in and helps with any request in any situation. Nothing is "too small" for her. That mentality is shared by our team. We serve each other's needs, no matter what, so we can be great at serving our clients.

    THEN we serve our clients. The work we do is so hands-on... so deep, so powerful! We love our CEOs at their core — as humans — before we focus on scaling their companies. Once we get our servant mentality right, we can scale! Our focus on scaling revenue and profitability has led multiple companies to 2x-3x growth in a year or less!

    The third value is to succeed, always. Our success metrics are custom-built with each client. The world doesn't define our success. We get to build the definition with our clients and ensure each engagement is successful.

    2021 Inc. Magazine's Best Workplaces Word Description

    Our word that best describes the working environment was challenging. Which is the perfect word to describe our organization. We do challenging work, and each day solve new problems for our clients. Our employees are those who thrive on challenges, push themselves, and continue to learn and grow. This is why we offer unlimited PTO, ;) so our employees can rest their brilliant brains. 

    “Our company is a dream job in many ways. It is demanding, challenging, and an amazing place to grow and improve. While I don't think it's for everyone (we work really hard and deal with a wide range of clients and challenges on a daily basis), anyone who is passionate about working hard, wants to have a major impact on

    a growing business, and (of course) is a great human being, would thrive here.”

     - Anonymous House of Revenue Employee

    Our Commitment 

    At House of Revenue®, we are committed to doing exceptional work for our clients and creating an exceptional life for our employees. With that, we are committed to keeping the culture and values that we have, even as we continue to grow. We will always put our employees first. 

    We are committed to our employees’ training and development in whichever areas they are interested in. It's important to us that each employee has a clearly defined path of development and that our company invests in helping them get there. 

    We will continue to be an organization that welcomes open communication and 360 feedback so that as we evolve, we are always in line with the needs of our employees and clients. 

    House of Revenue® will continue to provide a work environment that empowers, supports, and motivates our employees to do brilliant work that challenges them in all the best ways. 

    2021 Inc. Magazine's Best Workplaces Inside the Numbers

    “I have never been close to this passionate about the work I do. Before coming to House of Revenue, I often struggled to find purpose in my work and wondered how my time was benefiting others. At House of Revenue®, it's so clear that we do exceptional work with the ultimate goal of making a difference in our clients' lives, of making their lives better simply because we are in it and we care about them. Combined with professional development opportunities, that was my biggest draw to House of Revenue®, and it continues to be one of the many reasons I'm so proud to work here.”  - Anonymous House of Revenue® Employee


    Thank you, Inc. 500, for listing House of Revenue® as one of the 429 Best Workplaces In 2021 and in the top 10 Workplaces in Colorado. We will continue to honor this recognition and provide a great place for our employees to do great work, grow within their careers, and be free to LIVE! 

    By: Rylie Manross
    The business I was working for needed someone in marketing… so I tried it with no experience. I taught myself everything through trial and error and ended up scaling 13 clients over 3 years creating and implementing their inbound marketing strategies.

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