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Future Destination for Mary Grothe? Remarkable.

Mary Grothe May 25 2022

Meet Host, Mary Grothe

Mary Grothe is a former #1 MidMarket B2B Sales Rep who after selling millions and breaking multiple records, formed House of Revenue®, a Denver-based firm of fractional Revenue Leaders who currently lead the marketing, sales, customer success, and RevOps departments for 10 companies nationwide. In the past year, they've helped multiple 2nd stage growth companies between $5M - $20M, on average, double their MRR within 10 months, resulting in an average ROI of 1,454% and an average annual revenue growth eclipsing $3.2 million.


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Mary Grothe: Hey everyone, this is Mary Grothe - Founder and CEO - and you're listening to the Revenue Radio® podcast brought to you by House of Revenue®. Each week, we'll talk about common revenue challenges and how to get past them, share real-world experiences, and get a glimpse into my life as a CEO scaling my own business. If you're a struggling entrepreneur, or just an entrepreneur looking to be inspired, this podcast is for you. I'll give you honest, unfiltered, and practical insights into growing your business and getting past your revenue plateau.

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Today is my last recording for Revenue Radio®. I am moving over to a new podcast, which will go into production over the next few months and hopefully launch by this summer. We're going to have a little delay between when this episode drops and when my new podcast is live. I cannot wait to bring you all along with me. I want you all to subscribe and follow Destination; Remarkable.

Destination; Remarkable. is my new personal brand. For the last three years, my tagline has been "Do Remarkable work.” It's been my header on my Twitter, LinkedIn, and I've written that phrase many times, "Do Remarkable Work." It's based on Scripture in Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” I love this scripture. This speaks so much about life for me.

The first time I heard about this was from our pastor years ago. He explained that no matter what you do for a living, it doesn't matter. Whoever you are, and whatever you have chosen to do for a living, it's to do it well and do it with all your heart. Whether you're a Walmart greeter, gas station attendant, janitor, a stay-at-home mom, a school teacher, a CEO, or Elon Musk. Those who aren't Christians think about this as working for a greater cause. Do something to serve people for the greater of humanity. Whatever you have said to do for work, do it for the right reasons. Don't do it for fame, recognition, money, and empty promises.

The world says you should go after time and time again. I have fallen under that curse. It's not worth it. The scripture says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” Then it says, "Because you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as your reward." You can put something good into the world, and it will come back. Those who have pursued greatness but do it with a vision of ourselves, with the title, recognition, money, success, car, house, and all these material things. You're doing that for human masters. You're doing that to show up in the world and say, "Look at me. Look at me. Look at me."

What if it was never about any of us? What if it was never about what my title is or my income is? Your title is the awards that you've won. What if it's all about how we've shown up in the world? How have other people received us and the positive impact on others because of our works? The scripture inspired me years ago. I embodied a tagline that I created based on this, "Do Remarkable Work."

No matter what I do as a CEO, my North Star is this scripture, but I've rephrased it as "Do remarkable work." That's what was presented to me when I heard the sermon. I do remarkable work, no matter what. If it's the email I'm about to send, a phone call I'm about to make, or a business development push to bring on many new clients, maybe it's a keynote in front of 1000 people. Whatever it is, do it remarkably.

Doing remarkable work has been something that my team knows I embrace. In fact, last November 21, for my birthday, they bought me a neon sign that's proudly displayed right when you walk into our office, "Do Remarkable Work." It's a beautiful neon sign. When every employee or anybody who walks past our office, they can look in the window and see it. What does that mean? It's something that I'm so empowered and encouraged by. I feel that it sets me on the right path.

My husband and I will start a clothing company called "Do Remarkable Work." We just got through the design phase, and we've designed 20 different designs. We are creating a clothing company that will launch this summer. We will be selling t-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, and notebooks with this beautiful symbol of showing up. Regardless of what you choose to do for work, just do it remarkably. Do it for a more significant cause, for someone besides yourself. Leave an impact, serve somebody, step outside of yourself, and shift the plan from you to someone else and how you can serve them.

Do great in the world. We need so much more of that and less condemnation, criticizing, and canceling. What happened to mercy, forgiveness, and grace? So many humans had forgotten that they've been forgiven when they didn't deserve it and had compassion extended to them. Why are we so quick to judge, hate, and cancel? Shouldn't we look at our own lives and realize we're imperfect? Doing remarkable work isn't just what you do in your eight to five. Think about how you show up at your house and serve your family and friends. There are ways that it continues thinking about your works in life.

We're going to be launching a "Do Remarkable Work" clothing company. We are so excited about this. I can't believe the day has come that I get to work with my husband, and I love him so much. I am madly in love with him. We've been married for almost eight years and are planning our 10-year vow renewal and going to Hawaii. I want to go to Kleinfeld and get my dress for my 10-year vow renewal. I wonder if they're still filming that "Say Yes to the Dress" show. I should fill out an application. We're really excited for this next chapter with that.

My personal brand is moving to Destination; Remarkable. I chose this name because I've always had destination addiction. I have a high urgency personality, very fast-paced. I like staying busy and solving complex problems, but I struggle with feeling that anything is good enough. It stems from my childhood and how I was raised. I've healed from much of that, but not all of it. There's an interesting battle that goes on inside of me.

I love doing remarkable work. I'm talented and capable. God created me remarkably, powerfully, and on purpose. Part of me knows that I get excellent outcomes by doing great work. I'm encouraged to do that work. It's not the work itself that feels good. The praise and recognition feed me on the back end of doing great work, which is not super healthy.

This other side of me says if I'm not executing and not doing remarkable work, am I just wasting what God created? God created me for a purpose. He made me for a particular reason and a specific set of talents. I have a heart and way of being, so what am I to do? Just sit around, take the easy road, hang out, make a lot of money, enjoy my title, or should I just surrender? Or go back to him and say, "What's next for me? What do you want? How can I serve you?”

I've realized throughout my career that I have led the world continuously, even though my faith journey started at age 29. I'm 38 now, eight or nine years of a constant battle. I have marketplace talent, a former number one salesperson, an award-winning CEO, yada, yada, yada. I have gone on these paths with pure acceleration, great sacrifice, time, energy, and neglecting my family. I will go pedal to the metal, and from the works, great things happen, but defined by who? The world.

I've chased destination after destination after destination. I started in sales when I was 24, after two years as a district sales assistant, an admin position. I became the number one rep in 30 days. That was addicting. I set on a path for a destination to just outsell myself every single year, at whatever cost. I was relentless. Talk about hustle and grind. I was a monster. I wasn't very nice to people. I was ultra-competitive. No grace. No mercy. I was so young. The world told me I was supposed to do those things. I did all of those things for five years until I could feel my heart screaming that I needed to do more.

I went into a big VP of Sales and Marketing title when I was 27. It was such a flashy title. None of my friends had a VP title. I got equity in a startup. I tripled the size of that startup with a team over seven months. Great accolade. "Oh, look at me. Look at me. I started my first company when I was 28. Now, I got a CEO title at 28 years old. How freaking special.”

Then, I ran myself into the ground at a point of exhaustion in debt within three years. I came to know the Lord during that time. I couldn't shed this destination addiction for the title or the recognition I was making. All these things happened because I kept trying to prove that I was worth anything. I keep exhausting myself up until this point with this journey. I have to take time to heal. I just work till I have nothing left.

I met my husband during that journey. I went back to the payroll company for three years, sold millions, and broke records. I could pay off all the debt, and we bought a beautiful home. Everything just came back around. Then, I left, and I started House of Revenue®. God had me on a path, a beautiful journey. I became a monster again. Destination scale - scale awards, accolades, and recognition because I had seemingly failed the first time as a CEO. I was playing with a chip on my shoulder.

Now, I also had a huge responsibility. The first time I was single, eating ramen noodles. I had holes in my clothes. I sold my furniture to pay for my rent. I was allowed to go into the spot because it was just me. But now, I was the breadwinner for my family. I had a young son and this husband that I had just prayed for and adored. I worked myself into the ground, and the old Mary came back. I had to prove to everybody that I was an amazing CEO. I don't know why I cared so much about flashing the CEO card. I think it was because I was still trying to heal and believe I was anything. I was worth anything.

Then COVID hit and gave me back to my family. We lost 60% of the business. I thought we were going to lose it all. We dropped down to six employees. The Lord didn't give up on me. I gave him back the business. I said just take it. He said, "Let's rebuild it together." I have to tell you a story because, at that point, I fully surrendered. I finally got on track to build the business with him.

This morning, I read my Instagram posts on my blog from 2020. My heart was pure and full of the Holy Spirit. My steps were being directed by him. He was building the path below my feet. By 2021, I had turned into a monster again. I had learned nothing, put my head down, started working 80 to 100-hour weeks again, and doubled the size of the company. It was a grueling experience that led to yet another breakdown. What was I striving for? What was I trying to build? Yeah, it felt great. I wanted to finally rank on the Inc 5000 list. I wanted to win Inc, Best Workplaces. I wanted to win Colorado Companies to Watch. I applied again for the Denver Business Journal's 40 under 40. Spoiler alert, I didn't get it, but I got all the other ones.

I kept fighting for these awards and accolades that were supposed to mean something. You win an award, and then it fades fast. It makes for a really great hot LinkedIn post, but if you're striving so hard to achieve that at the expense of your well-being. What is wrong with you? I say that to you as I'm saying it to myself. What is wrong with you, Mary? This destination addiction to the greatest next big thing. This morning, I was reading back. I didn't even recognize my own words. I was impressed with myself.

You are in tune with your faith, Mary. In 2020, God was working in your heart. You were captivated by his love, direction, and the Holy Spirit. I couldn't read it in my writing. I couldn't sit down and write a blog that well because I was not there mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I've allowed myself to step off of God's path for me. I stepped onto another path of this world.

I've done it for a year and a half. It's not without like an amazing outcome. The company has doubled in size, and I now have a team that runs the company. I barely do anything for House of Revenue® anymore. The company is beautiful. It's living and breathing with an absolutely remarkable team. It's truly impressive what has been built when I take a step back and look at the beast's beauty we have made. It's truly incredible, but my mark isn't on it anymore.

God has started stirring inside me because I've been willing to go to him and surrender again. What was spoken to me was enough of the destination addiction. Let's quit having this step by step, achieve this, come to the same realization outcome, now go achieve this, come to the same realization and outcome, now go do this another time. We're done with this game.

Then, you can come to the same realization and outcome. That's destination addiction. What God put on my heart is time for Destination; Remarkable. Built-in the scripture in Colossians. That takes me back to my work. Whatever I do, work it out with all my heart as working for the Lord and not for human masters. I commit to this because I know that I will receive an inheritance from the Lord. It is the Lord Christ I am serving. I'm no more chasing down titles, recognition, fame, followers, or numbers. I'm over it. I feel like I've said this before, and then I fall into the trap. Someone is holding me accountable.

I don't want to go into the trap anymore. I'm created for so much more than the trap and what the world tells me that I should be doing. It is time for me to enter into a season of total surrender. My new personal brand Destination; Remarkable. will launch later this year. I have all the handles, social media, and URLs. Follow the podcast, subscribe, and get notified when that first episode drops. I promise you nothing short of remarkable.

I will be documenting my life and my journey. My focus is less on the marketplace and more on furthering the Kingdom; without leaving the marketplace. I'm not going into full-time ministry. God has given me this set of talents for a reason. I'm going to do it to further his Kingdom. It is a clear calling in my life. I am all in, and I am not turning back. Praise Jesus that I took the time to take a break and listen. Praise Jesus for my fantastic House of Revenue® team.

Brad Hendrickson is about to take over Revenue Radio® with our undeniably talented VPs of Revenue. Some of the best talents in the world of revenue. They are so dedicated, passionate, and heart-aligned to what we do. Brad was an absolute answer to prayer. The first time I met him, I knew there was something special. I fumbled in that first phone conversation and the second phone call conversation, thinking, "God, as you're here for a reason, I don't know what it is. I can't see it yet, but I knew I had to have him." What he's been able to do for our company, clients, and team. He loves the team, and the team loves him.

So genuinely, he has stepped in, taken over for me, and runs the company. He is brilliant and cares. I couldn't have asked for anything better for a successor. With that, I will put a bow on today's episode. I'm going to remind you. I need you to put a reminder in your calendar right now for maybe the middle of July 2022. I want you to set a reminder to go to and buy a t-shirt. After listening to this, I want you to immediately subscribe to Destination; Remarkable. Find all the social media handles for both. Go give him a follow. I can't wait to be alongside you on this journey.

I'm also going to switch my Instagram account from private to public. I know I'm crazy. I got a little overwhelmed by the world, so I cut off my Instagram. I deleted hundreds of followers. That's okay. I needed a quiet season. Now, I'm going to switch it back. Follow me on Instagram. You can find me under Mary Grothe. The big things are happening. I've got so many announcements to make this summer. You can also follow me on LinkedIn. That's a big platform.

I just want to thank you all for being so faithful, loyal, and staying with me on this podcast. I love your unsolicited feedback. After every episode drops, I get dozens of messages on my social platforms or email. Remarkably, you all reach out to me. I love that about you. Please continue that. Brad and the team are going to want to hear from you. That kind of audience feedback is life-giving, so keep it up.

Help us grow the podcast, too. Don't forget to share it and give it a five-star rating. It's meaningful. It helps us gain traction. I would love it if you would do that for Revenue Radio®. Share it out, and give it a five-star. If you don't like it, keep it like a two-star, but then tell me how we can improve it anywhere. Thanks for listening. You all have been amazing. Maybe I'll stop by again in the future and surprise you all until then. Go do everything I just said.

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