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Welcome Back to Revenue Radio®

Mary Grothe September 13 2022

Meet Host, Mary Grothe

Mary Grothe is a former #1 MidMarket B2B Sales Rep who after selling millions and breaking multiple records, formed House of Revenue®, a Denver-based firm of fractional Revenue Leaders who currently lead the marketing, sales, customer success, and RevOps departments for 10 companies nationwide. In the past year, they've helped multiple 2nd stage growth companies between $5M - $20M, on average, double their MRR within 10 months, resulting in an average ROI of 1,454% and an average annual revenue growth eclipsing $3.2 million.


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Drum roll, please! Hey, I can't believe we're finally back. Revenue Radio® is live in action, not just on audio. We are filming on this gorgeous, unbelievable set. I'm so proud of our team for pulling this all together. This is beautiful. I'm honored to be here. I cannot wait to fill you in on what has happened. We always take a break during the summer for our podcast. We want to take some time to recharge, and we finally have recharged. We've gone through an unbelievable season here at House of Revenue®.

I've had some time to reflect. I want to tell you a little bit about what has transpired. If you want the whole story, though,  you can go to my personal podcast at Destination; Remarkable. I tell the entire story potentially more than I probably should have. This season, I'm feeling so led to just be this transparent, vulnerable CEO and tell you how it is. There's so much you can put into the world, especially on social media, and you can paint any picture you want. I want to paint reality. I think it's going to help a lot of people. If you want to hear the tea, go to Destination; Remarkable. and listen to the first few episodes of that.

Okay, what has happened in Revenue Radio®? I have some reflection. I switched to Revenue Radio® early in 2021 because we launched on a Denver radio station, which was awesome. It was a conservative talk show station. I had guests. I had CEOs who came on and talked through how they built their revenue engines and grew their companies. That was cool.

We, ourselves, then entered a season of scale. We more than doubled the size of the company between April 2021 into September 2021. I decided to change course with the radio station. I thought people would learn more from me telling the behind-the-scenes as a scaling CEO versus just hearing these awesome stories from people who already did it.

I wanted you to be in the thick of it, so I chose to take that path. What's interesting is I brought you along for the ride of my life in one of the most challenging years of my life. You're an avid listener,  you can hear this woman's mental and emotional deterioration from April into the end of the year. I have listened to a few episodes, and I kid you not. I remember one episode when I was nearing my mental breakdown, which happened in October, where I cried through the majority of the episode. I was so embarrassed when I heard the playback that I asked my team to delete the episode. I re-recorded it, but I know it dropped on a Wednesday, so all our subscribers were notified. A lot of you are very loyal listeners. I know you heard it.

That was eye-opening for me. I realized how badly I needed help. I didn't even know. I feel like this is something like I need a shirt that says, "Go hug a founder or a CEO." It is the absolute hardest job I have ever done, but it is a job I'm committed to always doing. I will have a nightmare. I cannot work for anyone else again. FYI, that ship has sailed, so I'm committed to figuring this out. I wish more people had stood up and asked, "How are you?" and boldly said, "I don't think you're okay." I want to give you encouragement, especially if it's someone I work for. It could be your founder, CEO, or peer, someone in a networking group, community, a friend, or a family member.  You don't need to be a CEO. If somebody's not well in your life, they probably don't know. I didn't know. It was the frog in the warm boil.

I listened back to those episodes. I wanted to give myself a hug and pray for myself. I was so far gone down a path of destruction. I'm such an overachiever and a high performer. I was just masking it and getting through every day. I'm a survivor.  You'll learn more about my background, resilient mindset, and what I've had to survive through my childhood. I will be writing a book about it. Forbes is publishing me. It should launch in early 2023, so you'll get to learn more. Because I've overcome so much in my life, I just get into the seasons and deal with them. I didn't realize how bad it was. Thankfully, through the grace of God. I had an opportunity to turn things around this year.

Revenue Radio® started to split at the beginning of 2022. Some episodes were me preaching from the heart. Others were the best revenues and scaling tactics. The two didn't line up, so we decided to split. In Revenue Radio®, moving forward will be a dynamic, interactive, fun podcast with all the revenue leaders here at House of Revenue®.  You'll see me sometimes, and you'll see my team, hopefully, the majority of the time. We're also going to bring in outside guests. We film locally here in Denver. We'd love to have them on if you know a revenue leader here in Denver with a phenomenal story. Let us know if you live somewhere else but are passing through Denver. We would love to share your story and feature you.

Destination; Remarkable. is the new home for everything about me as a faith-based leader, wife, and mom. I'm trying to figure out life - further the kingdom, be the love and light in the very dark, divided world we live in today.  You can go follow me there and listen along. Then, I got this amazing opportunity to publish under Forbes. That is going to be released in 2023.

Then,  you'll have this amazing podcast, Revenue Radio®. I'm going to put a bow on it for today. Tell you that it has been unbelievable what's transpired this year. We have gone from me as a CEO stepping away from the business to being fully back in. I get to run the company full-time now. We're down to one other executive and me. She's amazing. She's been working with me side by side. We are rebuilding everything here at House of Revenue® and building our vision moving forward. Part of that is this beautiful podcast studio. We're excited to give you everything, all the goodness in revenue. Stay tuned.

“Oh my gosh, how did I forget to talk about Do Remarkable Work?” The other thing you'll see here is we are launching "Do Remarkable Work," a clothing brand. Go to This has been my tagline since 2019. My husband and I decided that we were going to go all in and launch this brand. Side note and shameless plug go to, order a t-shirt, and spread the good news. I'm going to sign off. I cannot wait for you to hear from the most remarkable, fun, loving, and amazing revenue leaders here at House of Revenue®.

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